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Businesses can improve their shareholder value by fighting climate change. This is the inference from the initial trends that are emerging from a recent business survey conducted by the Financial Express. The survey focused on a select group of companies ranging from paper, white goods and glass to retail businesses. While half of the respondents (50%) say that emission reduction initiatives will improve their shareholder value as green markets get popular, 43% respondents believe that undertaking climate change mitigation measures will increase the motivation of their employees. Different companies are taking different initiatives to mitigate climate change. More than one-third of the respondents (36%) are using energy efficient vehicles. Less than one-third of the respondents (29%) are using alternative energy sources. Also, 29% respondents are planning to map their carbon emissions and become carbon neutral in the future by using carbon offsets.The respondents are not only sensing the business opportunity, but also the climate change risk. A majority of the respondents (64%) perceive a reputational risk. Again, 64% respondents perceive an operational risk because they fear that climate change would lead to an energy crisis. There are odd companies, though. Some big retail businesses groups dont apprehend any climate change related risk. Knowledge about climate change is fairly widespread, but appreciation of the climate change impact isnt. Though less than half of the respondents (43%) claim deep knowledge about climate change, only 29% respondents say that climate change will severely impact their businesses. In all, a majority of the respondents (79%) have not been set any formal emission reduction targets. Most respondents (71%) say that its the responsibility of the government to raise awareness about climate change and formulate appropriate policies to mitigate climate change. At the same time, 57% respondents admit that its also the responsibility of businesses to tackle these challenges.

Being Green is good for Business.

Every business and individual can play their part in the fight against climate change. A significant amount of electricity can be saved by utilising LED Lights in place of your existing lighting technology, LED Lights may require a more substantial investment initially, but with many years of maintenance free operation and low electricity usage pay back can usually be achieved within 2 years.


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