Reduce Carbon Emissions From Lighting

Train stations `could reduce carbon emissions from lighting` Railways stations should reduce their carbon emissions by switching off their lighting, it has been asserted. Donnachadh McCarthy has launched a campaign on the Guardian`s Ethical Living blog, urging transport centres to avoid using lamps during the day. `When I last visited Stratford [station] in May, every single light was on, including 30 massive floodlights trained on the gigantic glass windows `It was a monument to wasted electricity and money,` he explained. Mr McCarthy estimated £40,000 a year is unnecessarily spent on providing light to the station. He contacted Transport for London to voice his concerns, who replied they will `review the situation`. Similar correspondence was also sent to the city`s mayor Boris Johnson. A representative from Mr Johnson`s office said it would be `great to see` Guardian readers urging their local hubs to switch off their lights. The newspaper recently reported spoof eco viral videos could be getting the green message across more effectively than more official clips.

They don’t have to switch off the lights, particularly if security is a concern. A significant amount of electricity can be saved by utilising LED Lights in place of existing lighting technology, LED Lights may require a more substantial investment initially, but with many years of maintenance free operation and low electricity usage pay back can usually be achieved within 2 years.


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