Eco Ships: Berlin’s first solar-powered passenger ship sets on its maiden voyage


Eco Factor: Passenger ship powered entirely by solar energy.

Berlin’s mayor Klaus Wowereit sent a clear signal supporting the expansion of climate-friendly mobility at a ceremony to launch the “SOLON“, the capital city’s first passenger ship that is driven solely by solar energy. The ship is powered by 24 solar modules with a capacity of 5.6KWp.

The solar-powered ship can accommodate up to 60 passengers and will sail on Berlin’s waterways providing tours of the city and cruise trips. The need to go green has tempted manufacturers all over the world to develop products that are fueled by the abundant energy of the sun. However, the initial cost of solar energy harnessing systems is considerably high, but Solon SE believes that the cost can be recouped by not spending on fuel for a period of over 25 years.

Via: SawfNews/Germany

Building your own solar power panel can be a very cost effective way of generating your own electricity, whether it be for static sites like your home, or transport vehicles like this ship.


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