LED Lights Pave the Way | sdzhiwensuo

Have you heard about the wonders of LED plant lights and wondered if they’re real? 80 percent efficiency is definitely a reality. In fact, a 90 Watt LED UFO light will produce as much light as a 400 watt HPS light. If you like to grow, LED technology enables you to provide ample light for a 12 foot growing area with just a little more energy than it takes to power a living room lamp.

That’s probably why they’ve become so popular with industrial greenhouses and other professional vegetable growing operations. For those who professionally grow, LED technology can cut a greenhouse’s electric bill by 80 percent, saving any professional growing operation serious overhead.

There are other benefits as well, particularly when it comes to set-up and usability. An LED plant light doesn’t require a ballast, so there’s no complicated riggings needed. You simply suspend it above the garden. LED UFO lights can easily be suspended, and many come with their own installation kits that are easy to use.

Plus, LED lights emit little heat, so they won’t burn your plants. With LED lighting, you can position lamps close to plants for maximum light effect without risking the heath of the plant. Grow ample green gardens easily without having to sacrifice any of the light potential to distance. LED lights require no fans or complicated ventilation system. Their low heat also makes them a low fire hazard, posing less risk to the health of a greenhouse.

There’s also no complicated wiring involved. You simply plug the light in. They add immense convenience to any greenhouse.

LED lighting has definitely revolutionized the greenhouse operation, providing ample efficiency for a more affordable growing unit. There’s no carbon footprint as the energy they use is virtually undetectable, yet the light they produce is an ideal spectrum for healthy robust plants.

Another example of how a significant amount of electricity can be saved by utilising LED Lights in place of your existing lighting technology. LED Lighting may require a more substantial investment initially, but with many years of maintenance free operation and low electricity usage, pay back can usually be achieved within 2 years.


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